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As a brand ambassador you will help our company find tax preparation clients for tax prep, tax preparation and accounting and bookkeeping for Lexington, Kentucky and the United States.

Talib Financial Group 
Brand Ambassadors Program


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Become A

We are always on the lookout for individuals that are passionate about helping companies grow and have a knack for being social. The Talib Financial Ambassador Program is a huge part of our company that enables us to reach beyond arms length to service families nationwide. Get involved with the Talib Financial Team!
  • Travel Opportunities
  • FREE enrollment to our Credit Repair/Score Improvement Program ($1337 value)
  • A personalized Discount code for 10% off tax prep fees for your followers. You choose the code!
  • TF ambassadors receive $50 to $200* in commissions every time their personal code is used on a paid out tax return. Believe us… this credit adds up FAST! 
  • FREE 5 day cruise for the Brand Ambassador that has the most referrals*
  • Heavily discounted tax prep for your own personal tax return
  • Company apparel 
  • Be featured on Talib Financial's Social Media pages

  • Must be active on social media
  • Create content and buzz for TF's services
  • Create content and post images rocking TF merchandise on social media platforms 
  • Must post content daily
  • Social media pages is set to public
  • Set profile picture & or background to company graphics
  • We prefer you to have active social media accounts of over 3k friends/followers (feel free to apply if you have less, but the page must be public and demonstrate your social engagement 
  • Must be willing to be present at photoshoots and media events

How will I be paid?
We normally send payments via Cashapp
FB messenger or Venmo.  

How much will I be paid?
You will be paid $50 - $200 for each person you refer
that processes their tax return with us.

This is calculated as follows:
  • $50 for each person up to 10
  • $75 for each person 11-20
  • $100 for each person 21-30
  • $200 for the 30 or more referrals 
  • There is no cut off.  Earn as much as you like!
  • Refer 3 people, you'll make $150 
    Refer 11 people you'll make $575
    Refer 21 people and you'll make $1,350!!! 
    See how much money you can earn by doing something you do for free anyway?  

Are you really giving out a FREE cruise?
Yep!  Winner will be announced on our Facebook Friday Night Live show 7p Friday May 1st.
The brand ambassador that has the most referrals will be joining our company on our annual top earners cruise. The only thing you will need is a plane ticket and sunscreen :)
We also have a special treat for the rest of our brand ambassadors that didn't win the free cruise so make sure you tune in. Go ahead and put that date in your calendar now!

When will I be paid?
You are paid bi-weekly for all of your referrals whose returns have paid out by the IRS.
See our comp plan for more details. 

How will you know that I refer someone?
We track everything through the number of times your discount code was used. :)



What should I post/How should I get started?
The process is simple.  Get the form below submitted and we'll show you everything you need to know!
Come Work With Us
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