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Tax Time + Covid Tax Credits = Your Biggest Refund!

Tax Time + Covid Tax Credits = Your Biggest Refund!

Hey there ! Did you hear the news? You can get up to an additional $8000 EXTRA on your refund with The Families First Coronavirus Response Act aka The Covid Tax Credits. The Look Back Provision • 7202 • Rebate Recovery • And so much more... With these credits, my clients that barely worked in 2020 or only had unemployment have been seeing an extra $2000 - $3500 on their refund! 😱 My calendar is almost full for the tax season. Schedule a virtual tax prep appointment TODAY and take advantage of these once in a lifetime tax credits!

We're Virtual & Licensed in all 50 states! It's as simple as 1-2-3 1. Take a picture of your tax documents

2. Upload them using our secure website form

3. Choose a date & time to be contacted

And that's it!

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