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Celebrate friendship this tax season with our Referral program that benefits both you, your friends and family!  Refer your them to Talib Financial and earn
up to $200* each.  Plus, they’ll get $50 off their tax preparation fees!




How much will I be paid?
You will be paid $50 to $200 for each person you refer that processes their tax return with us.
*Higher compensation is paid out to Talib Financial Brand Ambassadors. Visit this link to apply.

When will I be paid?
You are paid bi-weekly for all of your referrals whose returns have paid out by the IRS. 


How will I be paid?
We normally send payments via Cashapp, FB messenger, Zelle or Venmo.  

How will you know that I refer someone?

  • We track everything through our intake form that every client must complete. On that form is an option for the client to receive their discount by inputing their referrers name (you).  So be sure to encourage them to use your name to receive a discount. 

  • And just incase they miss it or somehow wants to pay full price, there is another field that is required* that asks who referred them.

  • Feel free to reach out via and give us your referees name as well. 



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